Sunday, July 24, 2011

I think I'll go to Boston

The Parish family recently went on vacation in Massachusetts! Hatley and Patrick had never been there. My family goes every summer. We rent a beach house and just relax for the entire week. It was fabulous! I wake up every morning wishing we were still on vacation! Only to realize that I am in Oklahoma and at 9 AM it is already 99 degrees. MISERABLE!

Hatley had never been on an airplane so I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about boarding our first flight. To Baltimore. 3 hours!!! She blew my mind! She was fantastic. Not a peep. She loved looking out the window and making the airplane sound as she flapped her arms :) After that we had a short flight from Baltimore to Boston which went great, as well. My dad and brother picked us up and we were on our way to the house!

We got to the house and Hatley was so so so happy to see all of her aunts and uncles and gramma! We took Hatley out to the beach for her first time and she couldn't get enough of the water. (even though it was so cold)

The entire week was extremely relaxing. We just hung out on the beach all day and cooked all the meals at the house. I would get up each morning, go for a run (well, 3 of the days anyway) and then have my iced coffee out on the porch watching the waves crash the rocks. Hatley also was a champ in her pack n play. She slept great but woke up every morning at 5:30. It was so bright out, she thought it was time to get up and play. Patrick and I quickly learned to "pretend" we were still sleeping and she eventually got bored and went back to sleep.

On Tuesday the whole family (minus my dad and joe) went to Boston to "get our shop on." They have an H&M. So amazing! We took the ferry there and back which was a fun experience for Hatley. We also went shopping downtown Scituate, that was fun. It's such a fun little beach town. It reminds me of something out of a movie or something.

Lobster diving was probably the highlight of Patricks vacation! My dad, joe and patrick all went scuba diving and would get lobster for us to cook for dinner. We had lobster pretty much every night, along with whatever my mom chose to cook. Fresh lobster was def. an experience. If you have ever cracked open a fresh lobster after steaming it, you know what I am talking about. It could ruin your appetite and make you not want to eat the lobster (if you have a weak stomach) Susannah's boyfriend Michael went with us. Joe, Ben and Michael went fishing one night and Ben (the youngest) caught the biggest fish. We had that for dinner the next night. We learned Hatley LOVES seafood. She ate lobster, crab, and fish pretty much every night for dinner.

The weather there was wonderful! Every day was pretty close to 80 degrees. If Patrick could find a job up in Scituate, we would move there in a heart beat! We will def. be going back for future vacations! I cannot wait until the next time!

Hatley found out real fast that the water is COLD!

Patrick and Hatley enjoying the water

Joe and Patrick getting ready to go get some lobster!

Our ferry to Boston!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

birthday pics

hatley jane turns 1

Back in April, seems like forever, we had Hatley's 1st birthday party!! It was a huge success! My sister Bekah took pictures and did a fabulous job. I will do a couple of posts of pictures because I would love to put them all up but its just not possible so, Ill do what I can.

Friday, June 24, 2011


It has been forever since we have blogged. To be honest, I sort of forgot about blogging world. Everything has changed sooo much! We had Hatley's FIRST BIRTHDAY on April 27th. WOW! that went fast. We had a milk and cookies party. (pictures to come) Hatley had a blast and couldn't wait to open her presents. She wasn't too fond of the cake though. Not too much else has gone on. We are going with my family to Massachusetts this July. Patrick has never been and I have not been in 4 years!!! We are so excited to be able to take Hatley on this trip with us. We think she will have so much fun in the sand and the rocks and the water. We will try to remember to update the blog after that trip. I am sure we will have TONS of pictures :)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

we have a walker

well, Hatley took her first step on Christmas. (Merry Christmas to me) and has only taken a few since then except....on her 9 MONTH BIRTHDAY....Hatley woke up and decided she was going to walk!! Not just take steps but WALK! we now have a full on walker and she can not get enough of it. she loves walking everywhere she goes. I think she is actually working on running. haha. Sometimes she takes steps so quickly it does look like she is running. I will post pictures later. I will also try and figure out how to add a video. Until then....Good morning, good day or good night

Monday, December 27, 2010


This is how she sleeps and it cracks me up!!

This is one of the pictures we took on Thanksgiving.

Hatley finally got to meet her friend Hayden (she is in the background)

Hatley just doing her thing :)
This was Hatley in her Christmas dress on sunday.
Look at that sweet face :)

Hope you guys have a great New Year!! My resolution should be...keeping up with blog world :)

busy or lazy

Well, it has been since Halloween that I last blogged. A LOT has happened and I will do my best to to put it all in this post. So all my peeps out there reading, hahaha, this is it....

Hatley has learned all sorts of new tricks!!! She was crawling all over the place @ 6 months, pulling up on anything and everything she could get her hands on and was "cruising" not too long after that. We were thinking she would be walking by 8 months but since today is her 8 month birthday....that didn't happen. She did surprise me on Christmas day with a nice little present of "taking her first step unassisted"!!!

We were @ my moms up in Edmond on Thanksgiving day. We invited Patricks family along with us. I ran the Turkey trot that morning with my friend Laneale. It was a killer. I was so sore after that. Although I could hardly move, we did manage to take our holiday picture. They turned out really well.

On Christmas Eve we were with my family. It was a pretty uneventful evening :) On Christmas day we were with Patricks family. As noted earlier, Hatley took her first step!!! That would have to be the highlight of our day :)

Other than all this glorious info, not much else has happened. i will post pics in my next post.